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                                                                                                       hydrated and

                                                                                                         healthy all

EVWEatRerY, WWaHteErREyearlong.

EVEN THOUGH WE’VE moved past the sticky Georgia summer, that          simply by paying attention to when they are thirsty.”
doesn’t mean you should be drinking any less water than you would        In general, people get about 20% of their hydration needs
when you’re hot and sweaty.
                                                                      from food alone. And unsweetened drinks like coffee or iced
   “Water is essential to every cell in your body, every day of the   tea are also a good source of hydration (yes, even with those
year,” says Millie Smith, MS, RD, LD, CNSC, Clinical Nutrition        drinks with caffeine). But replacing sugary sodas with water
Manager at Atrium Health Navicent. “Water functions to rid your       is key to promoting hydration and supporting weight loss.
body of waste through urination and perspiration. It is also key for
body temperature regulation, and it works as a cushion in joints         You should also be careful with the sports drinks, even if
and tissues.”                                                         they say “zero sugar.”

HOW MUCH WATER IS ENOUGH?                                                “If you are exercising for upwards of an hour or more, you
                                                                      may benefit from the extra glucose and electrolytes in a sports
There is ongoing debate about how much water you should drink.        drink,” Smith says. “But most of the general public simply
Traditionally, the recommendation has been to drink an 8-ounce        needs water for good hydration.”
glass of water eight times a day, but research over the past decade
has shown that amount may not be right for everyone.                  BUT WATER IS BORING?

   “There’s no one-size-fits-all prescription for water intake each   Remember, you don’t have to drink just plain water to get
day,” Smith says. “How much water you need depends on your age,       the benefits of hydration. If you’re sick of glass after glass of
your weight, whether you have certain health conditions and your      water, Smith suggests the following:
overall activity level. Most healthy people can stay well hydrated    »	 Add fruits or vegetables, like lemon, mint or cucumber
                                                                      »	 Alternate drinking cold, warm and room-temperature water
                                                                      »	 Try a flavored sparkling water without added sweeteners

                                                                         or sodium

                                                                      FOR MORE HEALTHY LIVING TIPS, TALK TO AN
                                                                      ATRIUM HEALTH NAVICENT DIETITIAN TODAY.
                                                                      CALL 478-633-5212 TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

                                    QUICK TIPS TO START
                                    DRINKING MORE WATER

                                    It might take a few weeks to settle into the habit of drinking more water every
                                    day. Here’s how to get started.
                                    »	 Set a reminder on your phone every hour or two to drink a glass of water or

                                       download an app to remind you.
                                    »	 Try using a fitness app on your phone to track your water intake.
                                    »	 Create habits around drinking water, like having a glass right when you wake

                                       up daily.
                                    »	 Keep water in front of you at your desk while you work so you’ll remember to

                                       drink it.

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