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                                               A laugh a   Ha Ha
                                               day keeps
                                               the doctor


                                               to Healthy!

LAUGHTER DOESN’T JUST improve                     in your body, and laughter can reduce the  GET SOME GUFFAWS
physical health. Laughing regularly               effects of stress. The increased oxygen
draws people together and helps manage            from laughing also decreases the stress    Try these tips to increase laughter in your
emotional health as well.                         chemical cortisol.                         everyday routine:
                                               »	 Maintains heart health: More               »	 Attend a laughing meditation or yoga
HOW DOES LAUGHTER KEEP YOU HEALTHY?               oxygen in the blood improves heart
                                                  rate and blood flow, protecting               class online or in-person.
»	 Boosts immunity: Laughing increases            against heart attack.                      »	 Enjoy your favorite comedic movies,
   the production of immune cells and          »	 Relieve pain: Researchers recently
   infection-fighting antibodies which help       confirmed that laughter increases pain        television or podcast
   protect against disease.                       threshold. Endorphins from laughter can    »	 Keep in touch with family and friends
                                                  also help relieve pain.
»	 Burns calories: Research published in       »	 Sleep soundly: Increased endorphins           who share a love of laughter.
   the International Journal of Obesity           and decreased cortisol help relax your     »	 Smile more! Many benefits of laughter
   reports 10 to 15 minutes of daily laughter     mind and body, promoting better sleep
   may burn up to 40 calories.                    each night.                                   are also gained from smiling.

»	 Decreases stress: Laughter produces                                                       FIND A PRIMARY CARE PROVIDER AT
   endorphins, natural “feel good” chemicals                                                 WWW.NAVICENTHEALTH.ORG.

RECEIVING AN ANNUAL flu shot is very important.               Dr. Choo-Yick says. “These are the body’s natural
The flu shot is a vaccine that’s lifesaving for infants,      immune responses keeping you safe.”                   There’s always
children, adults, pregnant women and older adults,        »	 The flu shot prevents serious illness. “Getting        time to protect
and it’s effective throughout flu season—even if you         the vaccine doesn’t make you immune to the flu,”        yourself from
get it as late as January or February.                       Dr. Choo-Yick says. “The vaccine is a ‘shield’ that
                                                             fights the flu virus. Sometimes it defeats the virus,       the flu.
WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE FLU SHOT                              and you have no symptoms. Other times it injures
                                                             the virus, and you experience mild symptoms.”
Sarah Choo-Yick, MD, family medicine physician at         Flu shots are administered at pharmacies, clinics
Atrium Health Navicent Primary Care West Macon,           and many doctor’s offices, and they are often free of
explains the safety and effectiveness of the flu shot.    charge with or without health insurance. Dr. Choo-
 »	 Different flu viruses circulate each season. “The     Yick adds the flu shot is safe for most people,
                                                          including those who received a COVID-19 vaccine.
    flu vaccine changes yearly to keep up,” Dr. Choo-
    Yick says. “This keeps us protected from newer        READY FOR YOUR FLU SHOT? MAKE AN
    and deadlier strains of the virus.”                   APPOINTMENT WITH A PROVIDER ONLINE AT
»	 The flu shot won’t give you the flu, but you           WWW.NAVICENTHEALTH.ORG.
    may have side effects. “After receiving a flu shot,
    some people experience mild, flu-like symptoms,”

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