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STRESSSAY GOODBYE TO                                                                                           WELL-BEING

                                                                                                    Enhancing your sense
                                                                                                      of calm may be as

                                                                                                   simple as putting down
                                                                                                          your phone.

IF YOU ARE like most Americans, your             CUT THE DIGITAL CORD
smartphone is probably a constant
companion. But did you know that the             To enhance your quality of life by reducing
accessory that keeps you connected               your smartphone usage:
might be taking a toll on your emotional         »» Set small goals to wean yourself from
                                                    constant digital connection. Start with an
   According to Stress in America, a survey         hour per day of phone-free time and try to
conducted by the American Psychological             work up to an entire day.
Association, the more you check your             »» Leave your phone out of the bedroom.
smartphone for emails, texts and updates,           Having your phone close by can contribute
the more likely you are to experience               to stress-inducing insomnia.
elevated levels of stress. Specifically, survey  »» Exercise instead of spending spare time
takers who do not constantly check their            on social media. Engaging in physical
devices averaged a 4.4 stress level on a            activity, especially outside or with friends,
scale of one to 10, while those who check           can help reduce feelings of anxiety.
their phones frequently averaged a stress
level of 5.3. Moreover, working Americans        LOOKING FOR A DOCTOR TO HELP
who check email on their phones on their         YOU ESTABLISH HEALTHY HABITS?
days off averaged a 6.0 stress level.            VISIT WWW.NAVICENTHEALTH.ORG/


If you’ve decided to eat healthy and lose weight, your kitchen can be a key ally.

FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE steps to reorganize your kitchen in                  obesity were able to store more food longer because
support of a healthier lifestyle.                                        they had more refrigerators and freezers than those
                                                                         without obesity.
   1. P ut healthy snacks on display. Give your kitchen some         5. M ake healthy foods easier to reach. Move fruits,
      splashes of color and place bowls of fruit on the counters         vegetables, lean meats and other nutritious foods to
      to keep nutritious snacks visible. Keeping fruit where             the front of your refrigerator shelves. Do the same with
      you can see it is linked with lower body mass index,               nonrefrigerated healthy foods in your pantry.
      according to a study in Health Education & Behavior.
                                                                   LOOKING TO GET ACTIVE AND LOSE WEIGHT THIS
   2. K eep cookbooks close. Take cookbooks out of the cabinet    SUMMER? VISIT WWW.NAVICENTHEALTH.ORG/
      and stack them on the counter. That can motivate you to      WELLNESSCENTER/FREE-GUEST-PASS FOR A
      cook meals at home, which is healthier than eating out.      COMPLIMENTARY, ONE-TIME GUEST PASS TO
                                                                   WELLNESS CENTER, NAVICENT HEALTH. TO
   3. P lace unhealthy foods out of site to keep them out         SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH A NAVICENT
      of mind. Store chips, cookies, sodas, and other salty or     HEALTH DIETITIAN, CALL 478-633‑5200.
      sugary foods in the back of cabinets or high in the pantry.

   4. D ownsize your food-storage capacity. In a study in
      the International Journal of Obesity, individuals with

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