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                         Dear Friends,                     We are thrilled to journey into the future  ATRIUM HEALTH
                                                        together. While our health systems were        President and CEO
                                 We have begun          strong separately, we are and will be even     Eugene A. Woods
                                 2019 with a bang       better together. As one unified whole,
                                 at Navicent Health,    we are committed to our mission, to our        NAVICENT HEALTH
                                 as we are sure you     patients, to the communities we serve          President and CEO
                                 may have heard! On     and to one another. We are now working         Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, FACHE
                                 Jan. 1, our strategic  together seamlessly to elevate health
                                 combination with       and wellness for each patient, for each        Editorial Advisors
                                 Charlotte, North       community that we are privileged to serve.     Megan Allen
                                 Carolina-based                                                        Cynthia Busbee
Atrium Health became effective, and we                     We invite you to celebrate with us
held a large community celebration on                   as we come together to extend care to          elevate is published quarterly as a
Jan. 10 to signify that we are no longer two            communities across Georgia and the             service of Navicent Health,
separate health systems, but one. Since that            Southeast. We know you may have many           777 Hemlock Street,
time, we have been working to integrate our             questions about our combination and            Macon, Georgia 31201.
two health systems into one collaborative               how it will affect you and our community.
system for the benefit of those we serve                We invite you to learn more on Page 6 of       To sign up to receive or to stop
across the Southeast.                                   this magazine!                                 receiving elevate, email Megan Allen,
   During our celebration in January, we                                                               Public Relations Manager,
planted an oak tree in Macon as a symbol                   We thank you for your continued             at
of our new collaboration. Trees have                    support of our wonderful, newly combined
often been used to represent new life and               organization.                                  Published by
timeless strength. These characteristics
are representative of our relationship.                    Sincerely,                                  true north custom
Through our collaboration, we will be able
to weather industry change while providing                 Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, FACHE                Account Manager
new life and hope to those who depend on                   President & CEO                             Debra Branson
us for care.                                               Navicent Health
                                                                                                       Senior Designer
T A B L E of C O N T E N T S                                                                           Katie Kochenderfer

Say Goodbye to Stress... 3                              4   6                                          Managing Editor
                                                        12  15                                         Jenny Havron-Miller
5 Ways to Cook Up a
Healthier Kitchen........... 3                                                                         Copywriters
                                                                                                       Thomas Crocker, Hillary Eames,
Women, Stroke Risks                                                                                    Josh Garcia, Jenna Haines,
Are Real.......................... 4                                                                   Katy Mena-Berkley

Atrium Health + Navicent                                                                               The people featured in photos in Navicent
Health: Teaming                                                                                        Health’s elevate magazine are models from our
Up for You....................... 6                                                                    community who are actively living healthy lives
                                                                                                       and in no way indicate the model has a health
Saving Lives in Only                                                                                   condition referenced in an article. elevate’s
45 Minutes.................... 11                                                                      images help readers visualize the positive,
                                                                                                       healthy lifestyles the articles promote.
8 Health Strategies
to Makeover Your
Morning........................ 12

Keto or Veto?................. 14

Health &
Hospital News............. 15

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